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Preparing students to live, work, and lead everywhere in the world.

Founded in 1995 with an objective to establish new vistas in the areas of education, N.E.S. focuses on supporting the all-round development of every individual. Our academic curriculum combines high educational standards with a friendly & nurturing atmosphere that celebrates cultural & national diversity. With an aim to achieve new horizons in education, we are committed to being “in the Forefront of Nation Building”. Through significant programs and projects, N.E.S strives to offer a rigorous education path to transform the above aim into a reality.

The President, Secretary, and the Trustees of N.E.S. are committed intellectuals and eminent public figures. We are fortunate to have an advisory panel of reputed educationists comprising of Head of institutions, Thinkers, and Philosophers, to steer the path of the Narayana Educational Society.

Technology influenced changes and the crumbling trade barriers have thrown in new possibilities in the workplace. Workplaces & transaction processes have changed immensely. With this new paradigm, the profit of winners and leaders is changing too. The school possess a special responsibility in equipping the future workmen with the right attitudes and skills that would help them become the leaders in this new information age.

A committed & skilled faculty, modern infrastructure, globally driven curriculum, and pedagogy are the quintessential ingredients of this new age school. With an attitude to bequeath our rich heritage and a promising future, we are keen on facilitating the next generation with new opportunities without compromising on their moral, cultural, and ethical moorings. To imbibe an attitude of winning and leading, the Narayana Education Society aims to mark the beginning of a new movement in Quality Education & Learning.

Narayana Education Piller

In the forefront of Nation Building.
To create responsible independent individuals who have the knowledge and attitude to be successful in an ever-changing world.
Inspiring Excellence