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Pre-Primary/Kindergarten School

Narayana vidyalayam is the best CBSE school among all the school in Nagpur. The Kindergarten/Pre-primary program at Narayana is designed for children of the age of 3+. We believe that every child is a winner. With an aim to provide the students with opportunities to develop self-awareness and teamwork skills at a very tender age, the curriculum is focused on imparting learning with fun.

To help the tiny tots entering the school grow into lifelong learners and caring citizens, we facilitate activities that ensure their all-around development. With colorful classrooms that create a suitable ambiance, the tender buds are given individual attention and freedom to be creative. Through our integrated co-teaching model, our teachers offer a supportive, joyful, and engaging classroom environment.

Primary School

Laying the Foundation of Caring, Growth, and Integrity

Entering primary school is a major milestone for every child. It is the first stepping stone toward a promising future. At Narayana, the primary school program focuses on providing an engaging learning environment to nurture the student’s academic success and growth. To make the concepts more meaningful and relatable, the curriculum taps into their curiosity, leading them to become life-long learners.

With an emphasis on providing a host of opportunities, the school makes consistent efforts in identifying the talents of the students. Through the framework of concept and contextual knowledge, students are provided with experiential learning opportunities that kindle in them the desire to undertake focus-based learning.

Middle School

A seamless transition into secondary school

Narayana vidyalayam is not about scoring the best marks, but about preparing students to be their best versions. We endeavor to develop our students as individuals with full potential. The progression of our curriculum from Elementary to Middle School is smooth.

We believe in creating a dynamic learning environment that promotes a transformative learning process. With a motive to develop Conceptual understanding, our students are guided by our expert teachers, who are driven by their goals of employing learning in many different ways.

The varied choice of the subjects in the curriculum and the co-curricular components gives an impetus and drives their learning to newer levels.

Thus Narayana Vidyalayam is the best school in Nagpur for every individual to grow in the right direction.