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Narayana Vidyalayam, Amravati

Give your child the opportunity to be all that they can be with Narayana Vidyalayam

A “Temple of Learning’ Narayana Vidyalayam, was instituted in the year 2016 in Amravati. With highly qualified teachers’ staff and a friendly & safe learning environment, we strive to fulfil our motto of “Inspiring Excellence”. Founded with a dedication to nurturing responsive and motivated students, the institution is moving dynamically on the path of becoming one of the best academic schools in the surrounding.

Our curriculum solely focuses on our students. Through a dynamic and success-oriented learning program, we aim to empower our students & help them achieve a global perspective. Intending to make learning fun and effective, we strive to introduce several innovative methodologies to engage the student actively. With excellent programmes & co-curricular activities, students can expect learning to be both delightful and fun.

Distinctive Features:

  • A signature school.
  • Spread across sprawling 5-acre campus
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure
  • Fully equipped Science & Computer labs
  • Expert teaching faculty
  • Individualised learning beyond the classroom
  • Dedicated co-curricular activities for your child’s holistic development.


Mandatory Public Disclosure

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Principal's Message

Narayana Vidyalaya Amravati

Mr. Sachin M. Bhelkar
Principal(Narayana Vidyalayam, Amravati)

“Welcome to a Temple of Learning…!”
On behalf of the Narayana Vidyalayam, Amravati, I promise you all an exciting year of fun, creative, innovative, and cognitive ways of learning and doing.

It is truly said that a bad workman always blames his tools, but it is also true that the best work can only be accomplished with the best of tools. At NVA, we have the best tools in the form of well-qualified and experienced teachers, world-class infrastructure, and facilities consisting of the latest educational amenities that make the teaching-learning process an exciting and enjoyable experience.

We understand that the present-day children have transformed themselves into independent, questioning, and inquisitive individuals. The information explosion has made them imbibe radical thoughts and ideas. To meet the requirements of “The Generation Next” as the current generation of students is often referred to and also to meet the challenges faced by the education community, we have made classrooms completely techno-savvy, equipped with state-of-the-art facilities.

We believe that every child is born with immense talent. We have a number of tailor-made programs where these inherent talents are tested, molded, and sharpened so that each child comes out with flying colors. Following the tradition of Narayana Vidyalayam, NVA is envisioned to become a world-class educational institution providing globally relevant education.
So come, join us and be a part of nation-building.


Narayana Vidyalayam, Amravati is spread in 5 acres area situated in Amravati Municipal Corporation area.

The Library is adequately well furnished and facilitated with a wide range of reading material and descriptive books.


The school buses are available for transportation of students at affordable cost from all parts of the city along with the CCTV & GPS.


The school has facilities for games like Badminton, Kho-Kho, Archery, Football, Volleyball, Athletic games, Chess, etc. The school has another modern playground also.

Art/Craft & Dance

Art and craftwork is considered as part of our curriculum & performing arts have always been at the forefront.

Science & IT Lab

The school has a Composite Laboratory with all necessary furniture and fixtures & an excellent IT Lab.


The school campus is secured by the presence of security guards who provide round the clock security. CCTV cameras also fixed in campus.


The school has a medical bay headed by a qualified nurse to provide first aid to anyone present on the campus. The school conducts medical check camps.

Why Narayana Vidyalayam Amravati

Narayana Vidyalayam, Amravati believes that learning happens through exploring, and experimenting, and engaging once in. That is the reason instead of teaching, learning appearances create in the class and in school, so that the child gets curious, and explores, and experiments.

Not, just academics, but hobbies and sports are also our major concerns. Expression in the form of music; dance and playing instruments are modes of peace. As a part of the hobby program to be taken in the school we at Narayana Vidyalayam, Amravati showcase the various categories of creative activities to enable the students to excel their previous standard; competitions are held from time to time.

We believe in making students with all round development, yoga & meditation have taken a new rule in today’s society and it is being valued for its neuropathic nature, the realization therapy introduced to our students through yoga sharpens their mental capacity by allowing them to balance their emotions and attain self-control.

In Narayana Vidyalayam, Amravati we do not always teach through books only, instead we as teachers/educators give them freedom and opportunity to venture freely in nature –look at the mountains, stars, trees, flowers, and the earth. We believe that only then, they will begin to think and will be able to think, and this is the mark of real education. We at Narayana Vidyalayam, Amravati firmly believe in nurturing the values to inculcate the value of sharing & caring in our children.

Professional development plays an important role in Narayana Vidyalayam, Amravati. Our teachers/faculty members are made to keep awareness with the latest education. To enrich their skills and enhance their success we regularly groom our teachers with all the necessary trainings.

Our Student Activity

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