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Narayana Vidyalayam, Chandrapur

A co-educational school, situated in Padoli on Ghuggus Road, Narayana Vidyalayam the best CBSE school in Chandrapur is a pioneer in secondary education. The curriculum as well as norms of achievement in every field are aimed at equipping our students with educational qualifications acceptable throughout the world. The curriculum is based on syllabi laid down by the reputed and universally acceptable Central Board of Secondary Education (C.B.S.E.), New Delhi. Narayana Vidyalayam Chandrapur is home to over 100 full-time highly experienced teaching staff & faculty members. The members of the faculty are chosen not only for their intellectual skills but also for their ability and enthusiasm in teaching & delivering results.

With a vision to build responsible global citizens with unleashed potential, we strive to provide a strong foundation of knowledge, skills and values fundamental to facing the challenges of the modern world. We aim at establishing a strong bond between our students and teachers. The school endeavours to break the shackles of mundane school life as we believe that every child is like a plant that needs proper nurturing for its well-rounded growth. Our values and ethics are well-grounded in our style of working and needless to say, have been proved by the distinctive style by which we are managing Narayana Vidyalayam.


Mandatory Public Disclosure

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Principal's Message

Sharaboni Banerjee

Mrs. Shraboni Banerjee
-Principal(Narayana Vidyalayam Chandrapur)

Swami Vivekananda had aptly said, “Education is not the amount of information that is put into your brain and runs riot there, undigested, all your life. We must have life building man-making, character-making assimilation of ideas.” Narayana Vidyalayam has always endeavored to put this into practice. Our school has never been merely an instrument of transferring knowledge but has always striven to develop in young children qualities and capabilities which would mould and help them in the realization of highest ideals of life. We lay a great deal of stress in character – building and it is of predominant importance for all of us to note that it begins during infancy and it is neither money nor intellectthat governs the world but it is moral character and excellence that reign supreme.

We believe that every child has immense potentials and comes to this world with lots of hopes and promises and this dormant talent and creative energy of every child has to be identified, harnessed and cultivated. The greatest possible gift that we can give a child is the freedom to grow-allow him to blossom and spread his fragrance in every sphere of life. Eventually, the aim of education is progress through self-realization. We let our student head for the mountains if he/she wishes to touch snow, for no amount of reading or talking about snow will allow him/her the immenseepelmyse of reaching the top after a grueling climb and experiencing fresh snow himself/ herself.

We at Narayana Vidyalayam have always adopted child centered education where the personality of the child is of greater importance than the tools and subjects. With great pride I would like to assert that to aid the child during the course of his educational odyssey, we work as a team comprising of enlightened management, educational consultants learned teachers and dedicated staff who constantly motivate, encourage and inspire them to scale greater heights. Thus our school motto.. Inspiring Excellence., will hold good in this institution forever.


To create responsible, independent, individuals who have the knowledge & attitude to be successful in the everchanging world.

The school buses are available for transportation of students at affordable cost from all parts of the city along with the CCTV & GPS.

Swimming Pool

The school organizes an orientation session at the beginning of each academic year. Circulars are sent on a regular basis.


We have Physics, Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics laboratories which are equipped with the instruments of best quality and latest techniques

Computer Center

The school has a computer center it is equipped with sophisticated hardware, the latest versions of software, scanners, and printers.


Houses Encouraging group dynamics and team players. All the students are divided into four Houses Smart. Bright, Unique & Pleasant.

Academic Staff

The faculty is carefully chosen not only for their qualifications and experience, but also for their enthusiasm and ability to work well in teams within the school organization.

Music & Dance

We want every individual’s creative nature to be expressed in the form of dance, music, and theater. There are professionals to develop and enhance the creativity in the students.


If knowledge is power then certainly health is wealth. Sports are an essential requirement for the holistic development of an individual’s personality.

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